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About US

Our Legacy

Our grandfather, R' Shalom Yeger, looked forward to Sukkot all year long. His love for the holiday traditions resonated with us from a young age. That is why it is so important for us to continue his legacy with the same love, commitment, and dedication as he put into Zion Etrogim year after year. We hope that his love for this beautiful Jewish tradition lives on in us, and in you as well. 

Our Etrogim

Zion Etrogim values top quality product to enhance your Sukkot holiday. Each Etrog set is carefully selected from the orchards of Israel and brought to the United States to provide our temples, synagogues, and congregants with a beautiful taste of the Holy Land. 

Our Orchard

Because of his love for the Sukkot holiday and its traditions, our grandfather purchased land in Israel his childhood best friend, Shlomo. Together, they cultivated a stunning etrog orchard, which he would visit every year. Our family orchard is located in Pardes Hana, in Haifa, Israel.